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S.L.I.M – The Living Cyborg

For the 9th Collectible Postcard of Pexcho’s The Living Freaks Series, we have a 2nd Freak from the Future – S.L.I.M. – The Living Cyborg!

A Time Traveler from the Year 4020 – S.L.I.M. – the Living Cyborg, is stranded in our unfortunate present timeline, a result of his Disabled Time Machine. S.L.I.M. – the Living Cyborg performs Sideshow Acts, using objects and displaying Feats of Wonder he has learned through his adventures in time.

S.L.I.M is keeping the nostalgia for the Freak Show ALIVE in Present Day America, to Preserve for Audiences in the Future. For more info about S.L.I.M. – please go to his Website