The Stickers are In!


To get your FREE Dis-Con-Tent Stickers, Please send a Stamped, Self-Addressed Envelope to:

Peter Excho – 1215 Milledge Rd. – Augusta, GA 30904 – USA


noun: discontent; plural noun: discontents
  1. lack of contentment; dissatisfaction with one’s circumstances.
    “popular discontent with the system had been general for several years”


    dissatisfactiondisaffection, discontentment, discontentedness, disgruntlement, grievances, unhappinessdispleasure, bad feelings, resentmentenvy

    antonyms: satisfaction
    • a person who is dissatisfied, typically with the prevailing social or political situation.


So we are going around Augusta, Georgia, finding these Happy Stickers, and Covering them up…

Let’s not Pretend that we are all Happy – putting on Fake Faces to the Public – Let’s be Truthful with our Dis-Con-Tent and Express IT – with a Free Sticker!

IT makes us Happy to spread Dis-Con-Tent.  You are Welcome…